Stacking Cups for Kids

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SARTHAM Baby Toy, Stacking Cups for Kids (Age 1+)

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This safe and non-breakable stacking and nesting toy is a perfect gift for toddlers and 1+ kid. What comes to our mind when we plan to buy toy for toddlers is kids utmost safety. This colourful toddler toy is made from non-toxic plastic with no sharp edges and kids are engrossed in it for a longer period of time as they construct the colourful tower. Salient features: This 13 piece cup set is unique, rigid, colourful and ideal for toddlers and 1+ kids. 12 colourful cups in different sizes which kids can stack and nest to make tower. 12 unique designs on bottom of each cup that can be used for clay stamping as well. Improves eye hand coordination and concentration. Easy to stack as it gives toddlers and kids from 1 to 3 years old a feeling of self-confidence. It encourages thinking and problem solving as baby figures out how to stack and nest. Very perfect gift for 1+ kids to help them learn colours, counting and good activity for them to play. Absolutely safe with no sharp edges and non-breakable.

  • ISI Certified, Made in India stacking toy for Kids (Color combinations may slightly vary)
  • 12 stacking cups with a unique design on the bottom of each cup. Non-toxic plastic, smooth texture, no sharp edges
  • Great for Eye-hand coordination – Your young child begins to increase its ability to pick up, grasp, and manipulate with this toy.
  • FINE MOTOR SKILLS – This stacking/nesting toy can be used to introduce and develop early language and fine motor skills
  • Enhances Visual perception, Spatial perception & Balancing Skills – This simple toy works great when it comes to early learning development of your toddler
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