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SARTHAM 4 in 1 Board Games for Kids – Ludo, Snake and Ladder, Chess and Racing (Special Edition 30 x 30 cm)

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Available on Amazon
  • This 4 in 1 Board games is a perfect merger of 4 classic board games like Ludo, Snake and Ladder, Chess and Racing and comes in an attractive packing box
  • Board games play a vital role in children’s personality development. Playing board games helps kids learn social and communication skills as well. It involves deep critical thinking and improves analytical skill of kids.
  • Very colourful and durable boards. Ludo tokens, die, chess pieces all are made from high quality plastic with glossy finishing. Easy to carry and play while travelling as well
  • Perfect gift for kids, Inexpensive way to keep kids busy when they are bored and help limit your child’s screen time. Brings enormous fun with family and friends. A complete package for 2 to 4 players
  • Size of each board: 30 x 30 centimeters.
  • Genre (s): Board game, Race game, Dice game, Abstract strategy game, Mind sport

SARTHAM toys brings its pocket-friendly 4 in 1 board games for kids – Ludo, snake ladder, chess and racing board game. It is a complete package to entertain and keep kids busy for hours. SARTHAM Ludo board game Ludo is a traditional board game. This Ludo games for kids Can be played with a minimum of two players and a maximum of four players. Ludo pieces, die and Ludo board are made from quality durable material. Ludo tokens and die are made from quality plastic and Shining. Ludo board is typically coloured bright yellow, green, red, and blue. SARTHAM snake and ladder board game snakes and ladders is a popular ancient Indian board game and very well-liked by young kids. This Sartham’ snake and ladder board game allows kids to jump into this simple race and try their luck. Kids understand the concept of mathematics easily as they are exposed to simple mathematical operations like addition and subtraction. Snake and ladder game promotes social skills and brings scope for interaction among the players. SARTHAM chess board game allowing kids to play the game of chess on a regular basis right from the early days improves thinking, patience, problem-solving skills, planning and decision making ability. It helps kids learn how to strategize and plan, how to focus on thought and self-discipline and learn the importance of foresight. Chess is a one against one activity. SARTHAM racing board game one of the best car racing-themed board games, this board game brings enormous fun.

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